2017 ANTIBODIES Performance&Installation

ANTIBODIES Colelctive Performance & Inatallation in HASHINOSITA FESTIVAL


DATE : 2017/5/26,27,28

PLACE : 橋の下世界音楽祭





A new performance by a group of dancers, engineers, visual and sound artists collaborating on turning an autumn garden into a grand experimental theatre. In past works ANTIBODIES COLLECTIVE has focused on working outside of the box and in alternative and found spaces, ranging from a deserted shopping arcade to a massive underground water reserve. Through series of investigation and experiments the event will unfold as an hour long performance involving 10 plus performance artists. All the mechanics, light and sound will be solar powered. The audience is invited to roam around the performance area to experience it as it progress in simultaneous and layered manner. This performance will take place mainly in the garden area of HASHINOSITA Festival.