ANTIBODIES Collective 「DUGONG」Performance 2016


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ANTIBODIES Collective 「DUGONG」Performance 2016



[DUGONG] at Ex-Rissei Elementary School, Kyoto. 2015 / photo: Yosikazu Inoue

world premiere at Yokohama BankArt NYK3F (Jpan) on 12,  Octmber 2015.

70 minutes, no intermission


2015 10.12  BankArt NYK3F, Yokohama

2015 10.24-25 Ex-Rissei Elementary School, Kyoto.









演出/音楽/出演 カジワラトシオ

演出/振付/出演 東野祥子


映像 斉藤洋平 (Rokapenis)

照明  筆谷亮也

特殊美術 古館健

映像 関口大和

音楽 YPY(京都公演のみ)


美術スタッフ ヤノタカオ、西村立志、キムチョンヘー、倉持佑二

宣伝美術/アニメーション 浮舌大輔

WEBデザイン Bearama / YAMAT

音響協力 Slim Chance Audio, ナムチャラホイ

助成 アーツサポート関西


京都公演共催 立誠・文化のまち運営委員会

横浜公演共催 大野一雄フェスティバル



作品概要 LINK
(PDF document 0.0MB)



In our world only the violence of competition decide the value of time. The financialization of the global economy meant that the traditional relationship between work, value and time be replaced with the measurement based on competition; the ruthlessness of its violence. So how much time have you got stored in your bank account? Is it enough to buy yourself a liveable future amidst the global unrest and indeterminacy? Knowing that only violent acts like murder and extortion can uphold and secure its value, will you still believe in its promises?

Acceleration of time used to only suggest increasing efficiency in production of wealth. A future was believed to be made possible by longer and intensified work hours, but today it is information that rules, and significant increase in productivity can only be derived from accelerating our sensitivity or cognition to information. So we are spending more and more time, moving relentlessly inside the closed circuit built on networks operating at the speed of light.  As a result we have today the hyper-inflation of meanings, where you need to put in so much only to receive a handful. This situation will continue to displace the body from language, until our relationship to the world itself is totally lost.

There is a Dugong drifting across the event horizon. I can see the spiral ladders of its DNA swaying and trembling like a dying candle in the wind. It is a mirror image of ourselves, as we begin to lose our ground, slowly disappearing into the sandstorm of endless data transfers.

The stage is an anti-acclearation device. There we shall return to the primordial place of action, walking along the tired migrants into a world beyond the invisible borders, into undevided “now” of a life drifting through the extremity of existence.


The “Dugong” is a medium-sized marine mammal. It is one of the four living species of the order Sirenia. With its long lifespan of 70 years or more, and slow rate of reproduction of only a few times during their life, the dugong is especially vulnerable to extinction. Female Dugongs are known for investing considerable parental care in their young. In Japan, “Dugong” is a symbol of resistance against US occupation of Okinawa where the small population is increasingly being threatened by the expansion of US military base and its activity close to their habitat Henoko reef.




[Director/Composer] Toshio Kajiwara

[Director/Choreographer/Dancer] Yoko Higashino

[Stage Art] OLEO

[Video] Yohei Saito (Rokapenis)

[Lighting Design] Ryoya Fudetani

[Media Authoring] Ken Furudate

[Light Sculpture] Yamato Sekiguchi

[Sounds] YPY

[Performers] Kenjiru-bien, Chie Yoshikawa, Mosh, Fanaco, Jon the Dog,

Tadashi Kato, Ryohei Minami, Iryoku, Minami Yajima,Kurumi Tazi,

MinaeOmi, Narumi Saito, Yuka Hanamoto, Moe Matsuki,Kikue Takagi

[Staff] Takao Yano,Tatsushi Nisimura,Kim Chonhe,Yuji Kuramochi

[Web Designe] Bearama,YAMAT

[Animation] daisuke Ukisita

[Sound support] slim Chance Audio. Namcyara hoi

[Supported] Arts Supports KANSAI

[Produce] ANTIBO HQ


outline (english) LINK
(PDF document 0.0MB)