House of Horrors

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House of Horrors

DATE:June 20〜Aug.16/2015

PLACE : Beppu Akyu Theater


Director/Composer : Toshio Kajiwara

Choreographer: Yoko Higashino

Stage Art Director : OLEO/R ryoiki

Visual : Ken  Furudate

Lighting Design : Ryoya Fudetani

Performer : Yoko Higashino, Kenjirubien, Chie Yoshikawa, Jon(dog), Mosh, Ryouhei Minami, Kurumi Toji, Minae Omi, Narumi Saito, Fanaco, Iryoku,Daisuke Yamamoto,Fuzzy,Yunoki,

Staff: Takao Yano, Risshi Nisimura, Yuji Kuramchi,

『House of Ghosts』

Using the entire permanent theater, I directed various forms of fear.

Ring revitalization as a big theme. First of all, you will experience the near-death situation, wander through the maze, become a spirit and arrive at the room of the psychic phenomenon on the third floor. In that room where the psychic phenomenon occurs, you can hear the voice of the spirit from many super-oriented speakers, and the television is switched by the magnetic force of the electromagnet.

A variety of sound spaces are produced with vibration speakers and stereophonic sounds.

This work introduces a lot of computer controlled sensors, and it carries out unmanned operation such as sound, lighting, machine and so on.

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