Space Junk Monster

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Space Junk Monster

DATE:2015/10/31(Sat.)~11/15(Sun.)  / 9:00~17:00

PLACE:Oita Red Brick House


Director/Composer : Toshio Kajiwara

Choreographer: Yoko Higashino

Stage Art Director : OLEO


Lighting : Ryoya Fudetani

Special EFX : Ken Furudte

■ Work note In case Its spirit and creative power, produced from thrown away, is a vitality to live in a dramatically changing world environment. The performing arts expert group Antibo tells the children about their ideas and impulses that can revive waste materials, and above all, that exciting dream. Waste materials are a great material to teach about phenomena such as sound and light, and they also offer various learning possibilities, such as geometry and electronic engineering. At the same time I want to convey the pleasure of performance art, the pleasure of creation that we feel.


(Representative Kazuhara Toshio)

Organized by: Organizing Committee

Production: NPO corporation BEPPU PROJECT

Co-organizer: Oita Eco Center Co., Ltd.

Team(The eco-alliance museum)

An interactive device created by reusing waste materials has reborn the red brick pavilion into a place where experiences, learning and creation are the themes and surprised people along the road. At the venue, we made various WS by members. We carried out various WS such as WS which makes solid by using waste material by OLEO, performance WS of instrumental orchestra using waste material by Kajiwara.


Date: November 15, 2015 (Sun) Time / place: 13: 00 ~ 13: 30

Oita City Museum of Art 16: 00 ~ 17: 00

Oita-shi Fuchanchi 5th Avenue – Red Brick House

Production / Cast: ANTIBODIES Collective

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