2015/7/18〜9/27 – ANTIBO at “Mixed Bathing World 2015” in Beppu City!

Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2015 ‘Mixed Bathing World’ Place:Theater of Eikyu ("The House of Horrors") Date :July 18 - September 27, 2015. Open Every Thursday to Sunday.     ANTIBO is directing the first period starting July 18 ending August 16. Charge:¥500 It is rather common to find yourself captured by a deep sense of nostalgia in the other-worldly town of Beppu. The site for this event is a former strip club, still equipped with a classic cat-walk that fancy a motorized turntable at the end, its facade with flashing incadescent lightbulbs etc. Much of it is frozen in time, like a dusty dressing room that's somehow still filled with air of melanchoria, and a narrow hall leading to the stage is still dark and nervous. It indeed is a ghostly place to begin with. Here during the period of 7/18 - 8/16 2015, we have been invited to create "A House of Horrors", a walk-though installations and performance encounters in a children friendly manner. First we had to debate about what this given concept really is, but we are set on taking this opportunity to mobilize the interdisciplinary collective and have much fun experimenting and interacting, and at the same time contributing to the cause of reinvigorating regional cultures.