About Our Collective

“ANTIBODIES” is a collective of specialists with the idea of developing new interdisciplinary models for dynamic collaboration across spectrum of disciplines and boundaries. We examine how varied disciplines might relate, intersect and interact through series of experiments and researches that are designed to culminate into performance events, community workshops and other practices that contributes to larger social and educational structures. “ANTIBODIES” was established in 2015 by Kyoto-based performance artists Yoko Higashino and Toshio Kajiwara as a reincarnation of “Dance Company Baby-Q”, a genre-bending dance theatre group established in 2000 and have presented performance events and workshops worldwide.




“ANTIBODIES Collective” is an non-profit organization of artists and professionals

dedicated to explore the socio-cultural significance of performance art. Our present objectives are as follows:




■ Collaborate with art initiatives worldwide to promote and present performance art programs.



■ Commissioning new stage and installation works from the collective for public viewing.



■ Offering multidisciplinary educational platform based on performance and theatrical arts for all ages.



■ Initiating and taking part in regional re-vitalization programs throughout Japan.



■ Offering both advanced and introductory workshops dedicated to dancers.



■ Organization and presentation of events focusing on international performance art.

Artist profile

Collective Member Profile

Toshio Kajiwara

Director/Composer/Sound Artist

Toshio Kajiwarais a sound performance artist and a stage director currently based in Kyoto, Japan. His obsessive interest in archiving obscure recordings from the times past, extended itself into a series of performances using old phonograph players and magnetic tape machines in early 90’s NYC. Later he emerged as a touring and recording improvisor collaborating extensively with DJ Olive, Christian Marclay, Tim Barnes, Peter Kowald, Shelley Hirsch, Aki Onda, Raz Mesinai, Marina Rosenfeld, Barry Weisblat, Margalida Garcia and Okkyung Lee amongst others. Between 1998-2004, Kajiwara with his partner Gregor Asch (DJ Olive) curated a performance series entitled “phonomena” at a legendary performance space “Tonic” (NYC), intending to open up new channels for more dynamic cross-boundary communication between improvisors and performance artists worldwide. The two has founded a record label bearing the same title, and have released archival and historical recordings by Jon Appleton (USA), Aki Onda (Japan) and Osso Exotico (Portugal) amongst others. Since 2008, Kajiwara is collaborating extensively with a Japanese choreographer Yoko Higashino, and have directed several full-length stage pieces that toured Japan, Korea, USA, South-America and Europe. After 2011 the collaboration began focusing more on sociological approaches to performing arts and have founded “Antibodies Collective”, which is designed to facilitate dynamic connections and collaborative networks between artists and engineers that enables it to contribute to larger social and educational structures.

Selected Direction and Compositional Works:

“EIS” 2008 (Premiered in Havana, Cuba)
“MESs” 2009 (Premiered at Littlemore Chika, Tokyo)
“Rhizome” 2009 (Premiered at Kichijoji Theater, Tokyo)
“Untitled Rituals” 2010 (Premiered at Littlemore Chika, Tokyo)
“Sleepless” 2011 (Premiered at Theater Tram, Tokyo)
“Void the Fill” 2013 (Premiered at Mixed Bathing World, Beppu)

Selected Recordings:

“Allegorical Power” (Antiopic 2003)
“A Water’s Wake” w/ Tim Barnes & Marina Rosenfeld (Locust Music / Quakebasket 2003)
“djTRIO” w/ Christian Marclay (Asphodel 2004)
“EBT7 at Tonic” w/ Michael Evans, Barry Weisblat, Lary7 (Analogue Society 2005)

Yoko Higashino

Choreographer/Dancer/Costume Designer

Higashino began training in modern dance and ballet in 1982. ”ERROR SYSTEM” was the name given to her first collaborative effort with 2 musicians launched in 1995, and by 2000 she has officially founded ”Dance Company BABY-Q” which became her focus for an entire decade that followed. By collaborating with artists from other genres, the company was active in wide range of ground concerining performing arts.
With such internationally acclaimed works as <ALARM!>(2004), <GEEEEEK>(2006), <E/G>(2007), and <[RHIZOME]M>(2009),<Sleepless>(2010), the company explored global audience, from festivals in the United States and France, theaters in Singapore and Mexico, Korea, Germany, Norway, Cuba, Itary and so on.

In 2015, Higashino co-founded “Antibodies Collective” in Kyoto with sound artist & director Toshio Kajiwara, which has now become a larger project involving over 20 artists and engineers. “Antibodies Collective” concerns not only in presenting its own dance and theater works, but in range of other practices such as community workshops and research projects that aims to contribute to larger social and educational structures.

Won TOYOTA Choreography Award in 2004, Grand Prize in Yokohama Solo+Duo Competition in 2005. As a solo performer and an event organizer, Higashino has been appearing regularly in places outside of the theater context throughout her career. As a solo performer and an event organizer, Higashino has been appearing regularly in places outside of the theater context throughout her career.
Her highly regarded workshops for contemporary dance are being offered throughout Japan.

Yohei Saito/Rokapenis


Saito Started VJ as rokapenis since 2000. Serve as VJ at the important event of the underground scene of Osaka · Tokyo. world’s end girlfriend / mouse on the keys / BLACK SMOKER RECORDS / Boris / ENDON’s exclusive VJ.
Collaborate and perform a wide range from techno / rock to avant-garde music.
Continue to create massive music videos in parallel with VJ.
He also participates in numerous performances as an ANTIBODIES Collective video artist.


Stage Art Director / Artist

Oleo collect waste materials (iron scraps from the factory, parts, garbage), geometrically design by original technique, construct three dimensional objects, transform the space itself. Continue making works in various countries. In Japan, “SUMMER SONIC” and “Fuji Rock Fes” are presented, and works are presented at clubs, festivals, galleries, etc. Join dance and performance works as a stage artist.

Ryoya Fudetani

Lighting Designer 

After studying architecture, Ryoya Fudetani began working in stage lighting design as well as lighting for music performances, visual art, photography and architecture.
His wide-ranging output engages with lighting design in a way that connects three-dimensionally with design theory.
Alongside Japanese theater artists and companies such as Okazaki Art Theatre, Chiharu Shinoda, Yukio Shiba, and Yamamoto-Noh theater, Fudetani has also worked with the likes of Singaporean multi-media artist Choy Ka Fai, Taiwanese choreographer Wen Chi Su, Indonesian choreographer Yola Yulfianti, and Indian choreographer Surjit Nongmeikapam. As a lighting designer, he has been invited to overseas festivals and participated actively as a creative partner for local productions.
He got the Japan Foundation Asia Fellowship 2016. and Scholarship 2018 to have training at Kaai Theater in Belgium by Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Ken Furudate

Artist, Programmer, Designer

Yamato Sekiguchi

Light / tech

Yamato Sekiguchi is a light / multimedia artist. Since 2010, he started a series of Light sculptures, made by Handle Projector, lasers, LED’s, sensors, a lot of gadgets, dynamo powered installations, to make solid objects of light, expanding on the matter of what a projection can be. He’s using light as medium and focuses on various phenomenon of lights into his light sculptures. His newest piece [Circular Continuum] is a high speed rotating huge chassis with LED’s, witch enable to project live visuals on space, ever-changing light forms with sounds. He did a lot of Audio-visual shows in collaboration with multi-genre artists in Japan and various countries. http://yamatosekiguchi.com/



From 2005 on Dance Company BABY – Q participate in all performances both in Japan and abroad, and play an important part. A number of artists and clubs and live houses in the solo activities, such as “Shibusashirazu Orchestra”, “Butoh groupe TONDEKARASHIZUKA”, “Power shield pole dancer Megan”, “Improvisation musician” Performance and session at. Continue to overwhelm what you see with its good presence. He also produces works at her own unit “ZIRBIENZ” and also produces Akita prefecture art festival “Zero Date”. In addition, WS assistant at elementary and junior high school of Higashino Yoko. Recently he is popular as DJ.

Genshi Ishibashi


From 1992 to 94, was in charge of press at Club YELLOW. From 1999 to 2002, served as a secretary of Hiroshi Teshigahara, an owner of Sogetsu Ikebana, a film director and then worked at overseas department. In 2007, after participating as a dramaturg in performance of dancer Arkadi Zides ex Batsheva Dance Company, started activities as a dramaturg. Kyoko Nakada(’08, ’11), Fujiyama Annet (’09), Maki Morishita(’10) participated as a dramaturg in the performance. Participated in several BABY-Q and related works with the appearance of ‘Rhizomatic M’ in 2009

Chie Yoshikawa


Began to dance from childhood, graduated from Japan Women’s College of Physical education dance major. Participated in the work of Shoko Higashino, appeared as a dancer for all works in Japan and abroad of Dance Company BABY-Q from 2009 to 2014. We also assist with WS and outreach. Also as an activity in solo, work creates with musicians, actresses and video writers. From 2015 participate in various activities as a member of ANTIBODES Collective.



YPY is a solo project by an Osaka-based musician Koshiro Hino who also plays a central role in the bands Goat and Bonanzas. The compositions he produce for the bands are marked by the frequent use of muted sounds and overtones, while actively employing the sounds that are not part of the standard chromatic scale. Its primitive feel gets often referred to the current techno scene and was credited for achieving a new original style by elaborately synthesizing experimental and dance music. Also, numerous works have been produced alongside under the moniker of YPY from his own cassette label birdFriend. Following his first EP “Visions” release from Berlin-based Nous in 2015, his debut album “Zurhyrethm” is out this June from EM records from Osaka. In 2015, a new project was launched, named “Virginal Variations”, which he explores the classic-electronic crossover with a larger ensemble.


Dancer/Musician/Fortune Terrer


Jon is a dog who sings and plays the harmonium (also known as a reed organ or pump organ).

In 1994, she released her debut cassette tape GAAAAAA-JON sings. SMOKE, her second album, was released in 1996 on John Zorn’s Tzadik Records. The following year, Jon made contributions to Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg, a compilation produced by John Zorn. In this tribute album, she covered a song called Les Sucettes, which is known as one of France Gall’s best hits. In 1998, a collaborative album with Yasushi Utsunomiya (ex-After Dinner) entitled HOREN was released. She has played several shows in France since 2006.

Jon currently lives in Tokyo and tours across Japan. Aside from her musical indevers, she is also known as a Tarot fortune teller and Zenith TM™ healer.

Minami Yazima


Mosh/Hiromi Iwasa


Tadashi kato


Ryohei Minami






Kurumi Toji


Toji began to learn dance at the age of 7. She is a member of <the Kato Miyako Dance Space> since 2006. As a member she performed Republic Dominica Dance Festival in 2013.
She graduated Nihon University College of Art. She received ‘Nihon University College of Art Prize’, ‘Dance Creation award 1st prize’ in 2012. She was a finalist of the ‘Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012’.
Participated in theater works by <Strange Kinoko Dance company>,<Momoko Shiraga>,<Shiriagari kotobuki>,<Wednesday Campanella>.
2015 she performed ‘N.D.A International Festival in Seoul’, ‘Incheon Yeonsu Dance Festival’ with Aya Terasoma.

Minae Omi


Minae began dancing at the young age of three. In 2002, She was introduced to Miyako Kato and found the world of contemporary dance. She has been performing in a dance company “Kato Miyako Dance Space”.
In 2007, She studied Butoh in a training program of the institute of Akira Kasai at Tenshi-kan in Tokyo. In 2009, She started the project, performing in the music band, ANAEQ, as a dancer, also as an vocalist.
Minae graduated from The School Of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2010.
after She came back to Japan in 2012, She has been focused improvisation dance performance and collaborated with various kinds of artists who does video works or live music and multiple arts.
Minae has been joining ANTIBODIES collective since 2015.

Narumi Saito


Wataru Kikuchi


Yuka Hanamoto x Moe Matsuki



Stage Art Technical Staff / Artist

Born in Tochigi prefecture in 1979. I live in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Art project by Yuji Kuramochi. Since 2003 he has worked on club events, outdoor festivals, concerts, stage designs and art sets. Designing various organic forms with motifs as life.
Work on art on Wednesday ‘s Campanella’ in the box tour 2017 ‘.
I am in charge of Christmas decoration of “park hotel tokyo” (Shiodome). (2014 – 15.2015 – 16)
Bayby-Q “We do not sleep” Since the performance in 2010, we support various performances as staff. Currently working as ANTIBO art staff.

Ayano Furuhara

Production Manager/Workshop Facilitator

Born in Tokyo, currently a resident of Atami, Shizuoka. Graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelors Degree in Japanese Literature. Since then, she has worked as an editor in educational publishing firm. Later she worked for ART NPO ‘BEPPU PROJECT’ in Oita, Kyushu, where she was in charge of planning and managing many of its contents especially performing arts and workshops. In 2014 she has become a freelance agent. The sustaining theme behind her work is in the arts, education and playfulness. She has planned and organized events for all age groups from infants to elderly in various locations in Japan such as schools, welfare facilities, theaters, flea markets, etc. She is also a member of a musical ensemble ‘Jizo Arkestra’ who performs for local ‘Matsuri’ festivals throughout Japan, seeking to create open and communal spaces around music.