ANTIBODIES New Performance 2016 『Universal Modlator』


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  ANTIBODIES Collective New Perforamnce 2016


“The rush of the natural environment of this planet into turbulent times means that in human society various boundaries further intersect and intensify collision.This magnificent destruction means, It will be time for creation and evolution that we themselves acquire new physicality and update the relationship with this planet or cosmic time.This stage like a boxy garden surrounded by deep chaos, Is not it a place of cosmic communication that we inherited from the early days?

Performance will be held inside the museum’s inner courtyard. Please be sure to enjoy it as it will be during the exhibition period of “Christian Boltanski exhibition Animitas screaming ghosts”.



A new performance by a group of dancers, engineers, visual and sound artists collaborating on turning an autumn garden into a grand experimental theatre. In past works ANTIBODIES COLLECTIVE has focused on working outside of the box and in alternative and found spaces, ranging from a deserted shopping arcade to a massive underground water reserve. Through series of investigation and experiments the event will unfold as an hour long performance involving 20 plus performance artists. All the mechanics, light and sound will be solar powered. The audience is invited to roam around the performance area to experience it as it progress in simultaneous and layered manner.

This performance will take place mainly in the garden area of Teien Metropolitan Art Museum, during their featured exhibition of “Animitas” by Christian Boltanski. We encourage you to arrive early to enjoy the exhibition. Our performance is free of charge but you need admission fee of 900 yen to enter the museum and the garden area.


⚫️DATE:2016/10/1(Sat.)-.2 (Sun.)
                Installation 10:00-18:00
                Performance 15:00/17:30  全4回公演
■Collective Members■

Director/Composer : Toshio Kajiwara
Choreographer: Yoko Higashino
Stage Art Director : OLEO
Visual : Yohei Saito (Rokapenis)
Visual EFX : Yamato Sekiguchi
Dramaturg: Genshi Ishibasi

Musicians:YPY、Atsuko Hatano、JON The DOG

Electric pole dance:MEGANE

Sound Performance:Natsu no Dai△

Guest Musicians:Oct 1st: MTR(CARRE)Oct 2nd: Shinji Wada, Cal Lyal


Performer : Yoko Higashino, Kenjirubien, Chie Yoshikawa, Jon(dog), Minami Yajima, Mosh, Tadashi Kato, Ryouhei Minami, Kurumi Toji, Minae Omi, Narumi Saito, Fanaco, Mayuko Ri, Moe Matsuki, Wataru Kikuchi, Mai Tanabe

Lighting Design : Ryoya Fudetani
Staff: Takao Yano, Risshi Nisimura, Yuji Kuramchi,Moriken

Costume: HE?XION

Free Energy System:RA -Energy Design-


photographers:naoeikka, Bozzo, Fuzzy,Yoshihiro Arai

Images:Daisuke Ukisita
Flyer Design : Kanako SEkine

Production Manager: Ayano Furuhara

Special Thanks:Black Sheep, Mizuki



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